Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

●Pressure rating:
 Class 150/ Class 300/ Class 600/ Class 900/ Class 1500/ Class 2500
API 6D, 2-pc/3-pc, Full/Reduced bore, Metal seat/soft seat
●Design Feature:

  Double Block and Bleed
The pressure actuated seats and bleed fittings allow double block and bleed operation. When used for block and bleed, this feature permits the valve to take the place of two valves. It also allows the operator to check up and downstream sealing by bleeding off the body pressure.
  Anti-Static Design
The ball of the trunnion ball valve is in close contact with the trunnion, adjusting cushion, and trunnion end cap, thus providing a passage for static electricity to escape the confines of the valve.
  Fire Safe Design
In case of fire, non-fireproof material for packing and seat will be burnt-out and considerable medium leakage may possibly cause the fire to spread. WPP uses metal to metal or graphite seals as an auxiliary safeguard to prevent medium leakage in cases of fire. The fire safe design confirms to the requirements of API607, API 6FA/607.