Hydrogen Peroxide
●Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a clear and colorless liquid, which is a strong oxidizing agent and capable of reacting explosively with combustibles. It is more viscous than water and soluble in it in all proportions. At room temperature, it slowly decomposes into water and oxygen exothermally. However, its rate of decomposition increases rapidly in the presence of catalyst or thermal energy.

●Product Identification
  CAS NO : 7722-84-1
  Molecular Formula:H2O2
●Physical and Chemical Properties

●Hydrogen Peroxide Specification


●Purity we can offer
H2O2, 50% Min
H2O2, 35% Min
H2O2, 27.5% Min

30kgs / HDPE drum 785 drums/20ft container 23.55mts per 20ft container
250kgs / HDPE drum 80 drums/20ft container 20mts per 20ft container
1.2mts / IBC drum 20 drums/20ft container 24mts per 20ft Container
ISO tank: 25mts