Protex® Wear

WPP offers a series of Personal Protective Equipment made of an advanced FR fiber called Protex® fiber. Protex®fiber is a member of Kanecaron® family. Kanecaron is a flame retardant modacrylic fiber that has been developed by Kaneka Corporation.

●What is Kanecaron?
Kanacaron is a performance fiber that has the characteristics of high flame retardancy (FR)in addition to the soft hand and dyeability, as is the nature of acrylic fiber. It is an inherently self-extinguishing FR fiber that imparts excellent flame-retardancy to fabrics and nonwovens in blends with other natural and synthetic fibers. There is no deterioration in flame retardancy after either repeated washing or normal use over time.
●What is Protex?
Protex is the advanced FR fiber in the Kanecaron family. Based on the original characteristic of Kanecaron, both FR and heat resistance is improved which allows blends with other flammable fibers, such as, cotton or polyester while keeping a high level of FR performance.
Protex Flame Resistant Coverall
●Selected Colour
Fluorescent Orange / Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent Blue (Additional colours are also available upon request.)
EN-531, EN-533,EN-471, EN1149-1, ASTM-D-6413, NFPA-70E, NFPA-2112
●Choose Size
S/M/L/XL (Additional sizes are also available upon request.)
●Design Description
 Double stitching lines with flame resistant threads
 Two Chest pockets with pen pocket design
  Adjustable cuffs
(Other designs can to be tailor-made as you request.)
●Inherently flame retardant
Protex is an inherently flame retardant product in which the fiber resin itself contains the flame retardant ingredient. When the flame source is removed, Protex has a self extinguishing nature by which combustion stops immediately. Unlike FR after treatments, there is no deterioration in flame retardancy after either repeated washing or normal use over time.
No Melting
Protex creates excellent charring characteristics without melting or dripping when exposed to flame and high temperature. The char forming barrier will work to prevent the flame spread and stop the burn when the flame source is removed. As there is no melting or dripping, it ensures that no potentially dangerous molten droplets are produced which could stick to the skin and cause severe burns such as may occur with polyester or other thermoplastic fibers.
Highly Blendable
The superior properties of Protex allows for blends with other flammable fibers, such as cotton, rayon, and polyester in various combinations or with intimate blended fabric to achieve a high level of FR performance.
Easy Processing
Protex can be blended with other fibers for intimate blends or in various fabric combinations. It can also be dyed with by cationic dyestuffs, resulting in a beautiful and long lasting color shade. Similar processing conditions, as with regular acrylic fiber, can be applied to each phase of spinning, dyeing, forming. Through normal processing, woven, nonwoven, felted or knitted fabrics, can be molded with a deep shape without sacrificing the hand of the fiber.
Chemical Rsistance
Protex exhibits superior chemical resistance against acid, alkaline, organic and inorganic chemicals and is used commonly in industrial materials.
Soft hand
Protex is light, warm, soft and flexible due to its unique fiber cross-section.
As working wearing, it can be used in oil and gas fields, petro-chemical plants.